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Wyatt Weed is an actor, FX technician, and filmmaker from Springfield, Illinois. He spent 20 years in Los Angeles working as a “Jack of All Trades” before returning to the St. Louis area and joining Pirate Pictures, a local production company.


Wyatt's visual effects-related credits include FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, NECRONOMICON, SPECES, DARK SHADOWS, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, PREDATOR 2, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, and RED PLANET. He has worked as a model maker, sculptor, prop maker, puppeteer, and creature suit performer.


Wyatt soon moved into second unit directing and visual effect supervision on the features KUNG FU RASCALS, THE GUYVER, GUYVER: DARK HERO, GUARDIAN OF THE REALM, and DRIVE. He also directed STAR RUNNERS, a science fiction television pilot, and the feature films SHADOWLAND and FOUR COLOR EULOGY.

In 2016 Wyatt completed work on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, an epic Batman fan film that has been a passion project for 30 years. In 2020 he was cast as Nick Fury in SPIDER-MAN: MONSTERS OF MANHATTAN, a five-part web series now in post production.

Wyatt continues to work in film production in the St. Louis area and he and his wife Gayle are in post-production on the feature film project DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, which they filmed during the Covid shutdown.

Wyatt Weed

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