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As a 22 year veteran of the United States Army Military Police Corps, (SFC RETIRED) Timothy Chiasson, began his art career in 2007. Timothy was picked up by AT-Products out of Linden, New Jersey ( for his artwork of military Themed pieces, which covered people, vehicles, and aircraft upon his return from a deployment in Iraq. Over the course of ten years while working with military themed art, Mr. Chiasson, grew a name for himself, which provided him the ability to sell artwork worldwide. His name was well known within the military community, where he designed Challenge Coins, Combat patches, Company, and Battalion level themed art pieces. Mr. Chiasson, currently has various works of art on display at the Fort Leonard Wood Military Museum, which is located on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. During his service, he has supported many events by donating personal funds and original artwork to help various charities in the Springfield and Branson, MO area. 

After he retired in August 2016 from the US Army, Timothy continued working with his art and was picked up by Robotech, Harmony Gold, USA Inc. as a licensed Fan Artist for the Robotech Franchise. 

In April of 2021, Mr. Chiasson was licensed by Funimation Global to continue supporting the Robotech franchise where he is currently continuing his support.
As he only started his path just a few years ago, he has already had several pieces shown on various Robotech related sites, artwork sold all over the world, and is known for getting the fans involved because he stands by his motto “It's for the fans, by a fan!”

Timothy Chiasson

Timothy Chiasson Pic.jpg
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