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The Klingon Pop Warrior, Commander jenbom, brings you songs you thought you knew, but in the original Klingon. What started as a one-off background song for the Improvised Star Trek podcast has turned into a viral music video, 4 EP's funded with Kickstarter, musical collaborations and live performances for geeks and music lovers alike. Tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek humor backed up with impressive musicianship and vocals, the Klingon Pop Warrior is a unique and fun experience for audiences of all ages and all fandoms. Jen has the 47th translated version of "Let It Go" from Frozen in the Disney archives and is constantly on the lookout for more songs you thought you knew to bring them to you in their "original Klingon." The Pop Warrior has been featured on The Nerdist,, Vice Media and more! 

And as if that weren't enough - Jen is also the Klingon language consultant for Star Trek: Prodigy, a gig she was lucky enough to get because of the joy and passion she put into the Pop Warrior fan project over the years. Jen has used her platform to raise money for charity and just crossed the $25,000 lifetime fundraiser bar for Children's Miracle Network via Extra Life - combining her love of video games with a Klingon warrior spirit. She streams on Twitch twice a week, has built multiple cosplays, and her theatre background makes her a Jill-of-All-Trades. Jen is truly excited to be joining fellow creators at Tremendicon!


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The Klingon Pop Warrior

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