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Nate Howard is an independent artist, specializing in graphic design,

illustration and animation, and is co-founder of Clever Kaiju- a design

and animation studio with focus on artist outreach and education. Nate

is also the co-owner of Cryptic Tattoo and Social Gallery in Springfield

MO, under the tattoo brand “Mammoth Ink”- tattoo work can be seen on

Facebook and Instagram.


Nate’s most notable work includes the webcomic series “Potbelly Mammoth”

at, as well as the self-published graphic novel

“Behold: The Mammoth!” published under Mammoth Press LLC. Additionally,

Nate is the creator and host of an arcade playthrough and artist

interview Youtube series “The Mammoth Multicade”- an arcade cabinet

designed and built by Nate, where guests play their favorite retro games

and discuss their careers and experiences as creators.

Nate Howard

Nate Howard of Mammoth Press (1).jpg
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