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Howdy! My name is Andrew and I own Grimbeard Leather. I'm based out of Republic Missouri and focus on creating unique, hand made Leather Goods for Gamers. Currently, Grimbeard Leather is selling gaming accessories in 42 Game Shops across Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois.


 Some of the items we make include foil embossed leather adventure journals, dice bags, dice rolling trays, dungeon tiles, keychains, wallets, and card binders. I work with local illustrators and graphic designers to come up with the designs for my products. Dragons, fairies, fierce orc warriors and nods to nerd pop culture are just some of the designs Grimbeard Leather offers.

 While I love making things with leather, my true passion lies with people. I love helping others realize their potential in the creative realm. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Tremendicon!

Grimbeard Leather

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