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Foretold is a grass roots indie gaming company local to Springfield Missouri. The owners, Blaec Birge and Seth Phelps, are avid gamers with lifelong experience within the gaming community. Their mission is to create games which inspire creativity, player agency, and collaboration. The first creation/product to capture this mission is the TTRPG, Strife.

Strife: The Minimalist's Survival Guide, is a 10 vs 12 ruleset without a specific setting or genre. Instead, the ruleset is designed to fit any setting, genre, or playstyle. Any of your favorite characters, races/heritages, weapons, armor, skills, vehicles, abilities, etc are able to be imported into Strife and recreated through the use of a guided process. Best of all, the gaming experience of Strife does not require a Game Master! All players share the power and responsibility of the Game Master while enjoying the freedom of being players.

Foretold Studios

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