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Eric Tudor

Eric Tudor Photo.jpg

Eric Tudor is an Ozark Native, born and raised in nearby Lebanon Missouri. There he is self employed, (since 2020) with a Hobby/Toy/Gaming Shop known as RAVEN'S LOFT, which is celebrating it's 9th Anniversary. He has a background in Computer Aided Drafting and Design as well as Management, but has now left that life, to embark on adventures and his other interests.


He and his wife of 30 plus years travel the U.S. working in all subjects of Retail Buying & Flipping. Eric now has time to pursue his love of crafting and various forms of Art, including but not limited to Sculpting, Pen & Ink, Macabre Sideshow Style creations, Life Size Busts, Vampire Slayer Kits, and more. He is a published book author, as well as numerous articles in various national magazines related to the Preservation of Historic Livestock Conservation.


Eric is an avid DM for Dungeons & Dragons, which he has shared for over 30 years, enjoying the Storytelling aspect. He most enjoys immersing his players deep into the Story, sometimes with the aid of his Minatare Terrain, or even Hand Crafted replicas of various artifacts within the game. He and friend, Bill Wears, also have hosted a PODCAST called "NIGHTMARES ON THE LOST HIGHWAY" for over 2 years. There they share more storytelling of all things that go BUMP in the Dark, as well as legends of the Weird and Unexplained.

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