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Hello! I am DovahKween Cosplay. I am a local Missouri cosplayer with multiple awards under my belt, spanning across multiple states.


I have been cosplaying on and off for nearly ten years with a couple breaks here and there due to life putting crafting on pause, but we push on and keep learning and crafting! It’s been a long journey starting out as a beginner and working my way up, honing my skills and making mistakes, to be able to succeed in the master class. 

I started cosplaying not really knowing what it was or how to do it, but after attending one con I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Starting with a high school art project with practically no crafting supplies (I had one single sewing needle I stole from my mom and didn’t even own a hot glue gun), I had no idea what I was doing but I finished it with pride and the urge to learn and do more. That’s when I discovered the great cosplay idols on YouTube, masters of the craft such as Kamui Cosplay and Evil Ted, who made armor out of foam. FOAM could you believe they made armor out of kid’s craft foam!? Well at the time I couldn’t and I was mystified. The rest is history and I haven’t been able to stop making armor since.

This community is a unique one, with people who share a passion and push each other to learn how to accomplish their dreams and I’m ever so grateful to be a part of it. There’s always something new to learn so here’s to learning and growing together as a community!

You can find me @DovahKweenCosplay on both Facebook and Instagram!

DovahKween Cosplay

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