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Doug Erb

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Doug Erb is a designer, art director, and artist who’s work in the music industry includes packaging for The Presidents of the United States of America, Neil Finn, Redd Kross, Mike Watt, Barenaked Ladies, The Morells, Alice In Chains, Korn and many others. His soundtrack design includes Men In Black, The Cable Guy, and A Might Wind.


With his deep appreciation for comics, he has worked as a designer at Fantagraphics Books on such comics as Love & Rockets, Lloyd Llewellyn, and Hate. His book design includes Berni Wrightson: The Reaper of Love and Other Stories and the monster magazine Monsterama with Forrest J Ackerman. His first professional work was writing and drawing the story Sight Unseen, which appeared in the Kitchen Sink horror anthology comic Death Rattle #4.


Twice a year he co-hosts the Route 66 Record Show, which is the largest record show in Southwest Missouri.


Along with this he is a painter and runs his own card and print business.

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