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Dee Jay Flic is thrilled to be DJing the space-themed Tremendiprom, where he'll create an unforgettable cosmic atmosphere with his stellar beats. Step into the DJ booth and behold the control panel that rivals the complexity of an alien spaceship. The extraterrestrial turntablist extraordinaire, commands a set of otherworldly equipment that would make E.T. jealous. With the finesse of an intergalactic pilot, he navigates the cosmic beats, taking partygoers on a wild journey through the universe of music. Prepare for a close encounter of the groovy kind as Dee Jay Flic proves that when it comes to DJing, he's truly out of this world!
Dee Jay Flic is an open format DJ who possesses a unique ability to blend genres and styles seamlessly. He is a professional turntablist with expertise in scratching, beat juggling, music production, and an affinity for the booming bap sound, he crafts dynamic and energetic sets that leave listeners in awe.
Dee Jay Flic's journey began in 1994 with his first set of Ashley's Disco Series turntables. Over the years, he has mastered many different types of equipment, including the traditional turntable and mixer setup and various forms of samplers. Currently, he focuses on using MIDI controllers for his performances, occasionally incorporating additional elements like a drum machine, sampler, or synth to enhance the sonic experience.
Recently, Dee Jay Flic embarked on a new venture with the launch of his online radio station, Here, he single-handedly manages everything, broadcasting DJ sets from turntablists, scratch DJs, and mashup artists. Through this platform, he showcases his dedication to the art form and spreads the love for the boom bap sound. 
So, fasten your seatbelts, grab your space helmets, and get ready to experience the sonic supernova that is Dee Jay Flic at this year's Tremendiprom. It'll be an unforgettable night that will leave you saying, "Houston, we have a party!"


Dee Jay Flic

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