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For as long as I can remember I’ve been consumed with heroic

mythology.  These archetypes and the human symbolism they

represented in all their myriad forms are an essential part of who I

am and what I make.


A life obsessed with pulp has made me focused on creating artifacts

of my own that take these iconographic images and filter them

through my personal point of view and experience.


These passions have informed my career as a graphic artist and

illustrator for 30 years and prompted me to master processes and techniques

that not only convey stories and the world building I’m interested

in but to celebrate and explore the tactile quality of pulp and



All of my work begins with traditional pen and ink illustration and

is transformed into prints and other artifacts using methods that

honor and sometimes emulate the processes of pulp printing



Through my personal art brand, Big-Bot Design, I’m able to

reveal my personal mythology and present it in forms that honor

the items I’ve been consumed with throughout my life and help

illustrate the myth of me.

Chad Maupin

CHad portrait horizontal.jpg
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