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Adam Collins (he/him) started out like any other board gamer, with the classics: Clue, Monopoly, Battleship, and Risk.  Adam was introduced to the hobby game market through his cousin and the new classic, Catan. From there, it has been all board games all the time. He started a gaming group in his office at lunch. This is where his co-founder, Tim, and he playtested many designs. Over the pandemic, Adam finally started his podcast, Eat Lunch & Board Game, where he reviews games that can be played over a lunch hour, and interviews of people from around the gaming industry. Lately, he started working with the Boy Scouts as a counselor for the Game Design merit badge. Most recently, he started a YouTube channel, Reviews from the Attic, with his son. To pay for this every growing expensive hobby, Adam is a Preconstruction Manager for an electrical contractor in St. Louis.








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Adam Collins

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